As a business collaborator with The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program we prioritize sustainability - all of our products are listed with their sustainability ranking and country or state of origin.

Best Choice


Fin Fish

  • Hand-line Ahi Tuna - PI
  • Wild Silver Coho Salmon- AK
  • Hand-Line Local Halibut- CA
  • Rockfish, Widow - Oregon
  • West Coast Albacore- Oregon
  • Farmed Turbot, 4-6#s - Netherlands
  • Farmed Ora King Salmon - NZ
  • Farmed Akaroa King Salmon- NZ
  • Farmed Sturgeon - CA
  • Farmed Artic Char - WA
  • Farmed Catfish - LA
  • Frozen J-Cut Black Cod - AK
  • Frozen Albacore Loins - BC


  • Penn Cove Mussels - WA
  • Salt Spring Mussels- BC
  • Manila Clams- WA
  • Pasta Gem Clam- Florida
  • Savory Clams - BC
  • Fanny Bay Oysters- BC
  • Kusshi Oysters- BC
  • Kumamoto Gold Oysters - CA
  • Kumiai Oysters - WA
  • Shigoku Oysters- WA
  • Olde Salt Oysters- VA
  • Beau Soleil Oysters - New Brunswick
  • Painted Lady Oysters - WA
  • Live Farmed Red Abalones - Santa Cruz
  • Kauai Shrimp - HI
  • Frozen King Crab Legs - AK
  • Fresh Dungeness Crabmeat - Oregon
  • Fresh Bay Shrimp - Oregon
  • Fresh Soft Shell Crabs (Primes) - MD


Good Alternative


Fin Fish

  • Wild King Salmon- British Columbia
  • Wild Premium King Salmon - CA
  • Rockfish, Chilipepper- CA
  • Ling Cod- CA
  • Black Cod - CA
  • Alaskan Halibut
  • Monkfish - MA
  • Opah- HI
  • Farmed Kanpachi- HI
  • Farmed Dorade- Turkey
  • Farmed Bronzino - Turkey
  • Farmed Verlasso Atl. Salmon - Chile


  • Royal Sweet Scallops- MA
  • Hokkaido Scallops - Japan
  • Frozen Bay Scallops - MX
  • Fresh 16/20 Gulf Shrimp- Florida
  • Live Maine Lobsters
  • Live Dungeness Crabs - WA
  • Uni, 280G - CA
  • Lobster Tails, 5-6 oz- Canada


  • Frozen Tenderized Octopus - Spain

MSC Certified or assessed by RHS for sustainability practices


Fin Fish

  • Yellowtail Jack - MX
  • Mahi - MX
  • Walu - HI
  • Farmed Hiramasa - Baja
  • Corvina Bass- Ecuador
  • Swordfish - New Zealand
  • MSC Certified Tombo- Fiji
  • MSC Certified Salt Cod - Norway
  • MSC Chilean Sea Bass - Antarctica
  • Anchovies in Oil - Turkey
  • Loch Etive Trout - Scotland 


  • Sepia Cuttlefish 9-12 oz. - Spain 



  • MSC Skull Island Tiger Prawns - AUS
  • Rock Shrimp - MX



Check in with us for substitutes and updates on when we'll restock


Live Spot Prawns

Fresh Squid

White Bass

Blue Nose Bass


Royal Hawaiian Seafood Market Report


Wild California King Salmon

  • There's beautiful day-boat caught California Kings from Pt. Reyes right now. 

Live Dungeness Crabs 

  • Limited quantities caught off the Washington coast have arrived. The price have softened up a little- hopefully once production gets better, we should have some more relief on the prices.

West Coast Albacore

  • Usually, the short season will only last until the end of August as the fish will migrate further north to Alaska. We just got a fresh batch in, and its currently unknown if this will be the last of the season.  This is truly an awesome fish to offer as a special to your diners.  Not only does it come from a well managed fishery but it comes at a great price. These fish can be served raw or slightly seared to present that buttery flavor profile.  

Fresh Local Black Cod

  • Fishing is strong for this local "butterfish". Although this local product is available year round, production is at it's peak when the weather is good. Local black cod is featured on the menus of some of the best restaurants in the city. It's awesome pan seared with the skin on. Your patrons will love it.

Hand-Line Local Halibut

  • Fishing is starting to pick up at this time. The hand-line fish will command a higher price as these are day-boat fish brought to us literally hours out of our local waters. You will find that local halibut is much leaner than it's Alaskan counterpart. They'll much more suited for raw applications. Fish come in 5-10 lbs. each whole. Put this on the menu and tell your patrons that they are supporting our local community of fishermen and enjoy the freshness.

Fresh Soft Shell Crabs

  • The season is starting to wind down, with only about another week or so, for Soft Shell Crabs to be available.  Good news is we did receive our shipment in today with the crabs are still looking pristine.   More anticipated to be in mid week, next week.  Of course, frozen will be available if needed.

Rappahannock Oysters

  • As west coast water temps rise, it's time to start looking for oysters elsewhere. It also brings some more variety to our usual oyster inventory. Our partners over at Rappahannock Oyster Company have always been able to provide us with consistently delicious oysters. They have a wide variety of oysters to suit all palates. We have chosen to offer their Rappahannock River, Stingray, and Olde Salt varieties. We have samples for those wanting a taste. Just let us know!