Tuesday May 29, 2018

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Market Highlights

Live Maine Lobsters - Fresh and lively lobsters straight from New England - these guys are beloved by all shellfish enthusiasts for their sweet succulent meat! Sizing includes - 2 lbs,  quarters (1.25lbs), halfs (1.5lbs), culls (1 lbs), and chix (1 lbs). 

Royal Sweet Domestic Scallops - Sweet and delicious, these scallops will be the star of any menu - be sure to order them now while they are in season and readily available. Sizing (U-10 & 10-20 count) - ask about shells for plating, which we currently have in limited quantities! 

Alaskan Halibut - The perfect fish for those who don't eat a lot of seafood - Alaskan Halibut is meaty, fresh, and holds up to many cooking methods and compliments all flavor profiles

Hawaiian Sword, Ono, Opah, and Blue Marlin - These beautiful fishes are caught on small boats and brought up by hand and individually bled and quickly iced - these fish are premium quality and it really shows! Beautiful items, and its perfect for all types of menu.

This Week's Featured Product

Fresh Soft Shell Crab

We are pleased to announce the start of the 2018 fresh Soft Shell crab season. 

Fresh Soft Shell crab season typically starts in May and ends in late September. Soft Shell Crabs are in fact Blue Crabs and not a different specie of crab. When the crabs grow out of their hard shell, what's underneath is their new shell that is underdeveloped and soft. This is why they are called Soft Shell Crabs. 

Our direct supplier of fresh Soft Shell Crabs hail from Chesapeake Bay Maryland and are very well known for some of the best quality blue crabs in the world. They do a great job at sending us only the freshest product available. Although they're in the most volatile stage in their life when their molting and even after a 6 hour flight, it's truly amazing that we will sometimes receive these crabs still alive. This is an absolute testament of the excellent job that they do.

Royal Hawaiian Seafood does not advertise these crabs as a live product. We sell them as fresh. As previously mentioned, these crabs are in the most volatile stage of their lives and guaranteeing them to be alive while they're in this state and being shipped across country is something that is very hard to do. Rather we will guarantee that your crabs will be fresh with no hint of any types of foul odor. You can expect your fresh crabs to have a shelf life of about 6 days if stored at around 36 degrees.

Fresh Soft Shell Crabs are sold a few different ways. Ordering them by the dozen is the most common method but they can also be ordered by the flat or by the tray. Sizing is determined by measuring the pointers from side to side on the body shell. Below are the sizes that we will be carrying along with how they're packed.  

Hotels ( 4"-4.5") - 2 1/2 dozen flat, 5 dozen tray
Primes (4.5"-5") - 2 dozen flat, 4 dozen tray
Jumbos (5"-5.5") - 1 1/2 dozen flat, 3 dozen tray

Since this product is a highly perishable item, we highly recommend preorders as we will only bring in what we need to cover sales. Preorders are to be placed 72 hours prior to your desired delivery date. Please contact us if you are interested in placing a preorder or if you require any further information.


East Coast Wild Stripe Bass
Black Bass
Fresh Soft Shell Crabs


Special Order Items Available
(48 hrs notice)

Local Anchovies (great sub for Sardines since the fishery is closed until June 2018)
San Francisco, CA

Live Red Abalone
Monterey, CA

Skate Wing
Rhode Island

Special Order Items Available
(48 hrs notice)

John Dory
New Zealand

Razor Clams

Live Sea Urchin
Half Moon Bay, CA

Hawaiian Snappers

Green = Seafood Watch Best Choice
Yellow = Seafood Watch Good Alternative
Blue = Marine Stewardship Council
Gray = Unranked - assessed by Royal Hawaiian as a sustainable option 

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West Coast Finfish

  • Mt. Lassen Trout | Farmed | California
  • Fresh Black Cod | Wild | California
  • Fresh Sand Dabs | Wild | California
  • Fresh Smelt | Wild | California
  • Starry Flounder | Wild | California
  • Petrale Sole | Wild | California
  • Ling Cod | Wild | California
  • White Sea Bass | Wild | Baja
  • Hiramasa | Farmed | Mexico
  • Yellowtail Rockfish | Wild | Oregon
  • Chilipepper Rockfish | Wild | California
  • Local Halibut | Wild | California
  • Arctic Char | Farmed | Washington
  • Sturgeon | Farmed | California
  • Frozen J-Cut Black Cod | Wild | Alaska 
  • Halibut | Wild | Alaska
  • Halibut Cheeks | Wild | Alaska

West Coast Shellfish

  • Live Spot Prawns | Wild | California
  • Penn Cove Mussels | Farmed | Washington
  • Painted Lady Oysters | Farmed | Washington
  • Shigoku Oysters | Farmed | Washington
  • Kumamoto Gold Oysters | Farmed | California
  • Kumiai Oysters | Farmed | Baja
  • Fresh Squid | Wild | California
  • Fresh Oregon Bay Shrimp | Wild | Oregon
  • Marin Miyagi Oysters | Farmed | Tomales Bay, CA
  • Live Farmed Red Abalones | Farmed | Santa Cruz
  • Frozen King Crab Legs | Wild | AK
  • Live Dungeness Crab | Wild | California

East Coast Finfish & Shellfish

  • Mahi-Mahi | Wild | East Coast
  • Amberjack | Wild | Florida
  • Catfish | Farmed | Louisiana
  • Monkfish Tails | Wild | MA
  • Razor Clams | Wild | MA
  • Chathum Blue Mussels | Farmed | MA
  • Beau Soleil Oysters | Farmed | New Brunswick
  • Pasta Gem Clams | Farmed | Florida
  • Royal Sweet Scallops | Wild | MA
  • Gulf Shrimp - Fresh 16/20 | Wild | Florida
  • Live Maine Lobsters | Wild | Maine

Canada & Central/South America

  • Wild King Salmon | Wild | British Columbia
  • Mahi | Wild | Ecuador
  • Corvina | Wild | Ecuador
  • Verlasso Atlantic Salmon | Farmed | Chile
  • Albacore Loins - Frozen | Wild | British Columbia
  • Savory Clams | Farmed | British Columbia
  • Kusshi Oysters | Farmed | British Columbia
  • Fanny Bay Oysters | Farmed | British Columbia
  • Pacu Ribs - Frozen | Farmed | Brazil

Hawaii, South Pacific, Japan, & Europe

  • Fresh Kuaia Shrimp | Farmed | Hawaii
  • Swordfish | Wild | Hawaii
  • Kanpachi | Farmed | Hawaii
  • Ono | Wild | Hawaii
  • Bluenose Bass | Wild | New Zealand
  • Hand-line Ahi Tuna | Wild | Philippines
  • Ora King Salmon | Farmed | New Zealand
  • Akaroa King Salmon | Farmed | New Zealand
  • Grouper | Wild | New Zealand
  • Tai Snapper | Wild  | New Zealand
  • Loch Etive Trout | Farmed | Scotland
  • Bronzino | Farmed | Turkey
  • Sea Bream (Dorade) | Farmed | Turkey
  • Hokkaido Scallops | Wild | Japan
  • Tenderized Octopus - Frozen | Wild | Spain 
  • Yellowtail Jack | Wild | Mexico
  • Salt Cod | MSC | Norway
  • Chilean Sea Bass | MSC | Antarctica
  • Tombo Tuna | MSC | Fiji
  • Anchovies in Oil | Wild | Turkey
  • Skull Island Prawns | Farmed | Australia
  • Rock Shrimp | Wild | Mexico

Fresh Out of the Freezer
(delivered frozen or slacked out - allow 48 hours for thawing)

Skull Island Prawns - NZ
Shrimp - Florida
Rock Shrimp - Gulf of Mexico
Blue Prawns - U.S.A
IQF Kauai Shrimp - Hawaii
IQF Sardines - CA
IQF Un-cleaned Squid- CA
Tenderized Octopus
T&T Squid - China

Albacore - BC
31/35 Headless White Shrimp - FL
Wasabi Paste - CA
Chilean Sea Bass - U.K
King Crab Legs - Alaska
Alaskan Sand Dabs - AK
Arrowtooth - CA
Crayfish Tail Meat - U.S

Market Report

We will be closed on Monday May 28th for Memorial Day. Please put this closure into consideration when ordering on Saturday May 26th.


Wild King Salmon

  • The next shot at wild local King Salmon won't be until the first week of June. Fishing in British Columbia is currently open and we've got beautiful trolled fish available now. Prices have softened quite a bit. It's a great time to have these wild fish on your menus while we wait for local fishing to open up again.

Local Fish

  • There's Black Cod, Ling Cod, Petrale Sole, Starry Flounder, Rockfish, and Sand Dabs all currently available from our local waters. If you're menu is based on a local concept then now is one of the best times to hop on these items.

Hawaiian Fish

  • We've got a great extensive line up for auctioned fish out of Hawaii. Swordfish, Opah, Ono, and Blue Marlin are all available at some great prices. These fish are great off the grill. Get them on your lunch or dinner specials and don;t forget to let your patrons know their dining on true Hawaiian caught fish.

Local Halibut

  • Fishing is starting to pick up at this time. We've got trawled as well as hand-line caught from our our small boat fishermen. The hand-line fish will command a higher price as these are day-boat fish brought to us literally hours out of our local waters. You will find that local halibut is much leaner than it's Alaskan counterpart. They'll much more suited for raw applications. Fish come in 5-10 lbs. each whole. Put this on the menu and tell your patrons that they are supporting our local community of fishermen and enjoy the freshness.