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As a business collaborator with The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program we prioritize sustainability - all of our products are listed with their sustainability ranking and country or state of origin.



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     Hand-Line caught Ahi Tuna, Philippines         
Live Red Abalones, Santa Cruz CA       
     Best Choice  Fin Fish

  • Hand-line Ahi Tuna - PI

  • Rock Sole Fillets - AK

  • Farmed Ora King Salmon - NZ

  • Farmed Akaroa King Salmon- NZ

  • Farmed Sturgeon - CA

  • Farmed Mt. Lassen Trout - CA

  • Farmed Artic Char - WA

  • Farmed Catfish fillets - LA

  • Farmed Branzino - Turkey 

  • Frozen & Refreshed J-Cut Black Cod - AK

  • Frozen Albacore Loins - BC


  • Penn Cove Mussels - WA

  • Salt Spring Mussels- BC

  • Manila Clams - WA

  • Pasta Gem Clam- Florida

  • Kusshi Oysters- BC

  • Fanny Bay Oysters - BC

  • Kumamoto Gold Oysters - CA

  • Marin Miyagi Oysters- CA

  • Kumiai Oysters - WA

  • Shigoku Oysters- WA

  • Steamboats - WA

  • Saiko Oysters - WA

  • Beau Soleil Oysters - New Brunswick

  • Painted Lady Oysters - WA

  • Live Farmed Red Abalones - Santa Cruz

  • Kauai Shrimp - HI

  • Frozen King Crab Legs - AK

  • Fresh Dungeness Crabmeat - Oregon

Martha Vineyard's Bay Scallops

Monkfish Tail, Rhode Island

Good Alternative 

Fin Fish

  • Blue Nose Bass - NZ

  • Tai Snapper - NZ

  • Swordfish - CA

  • Petrale Sole(due in) - CA

  • Black Cod(minimal) - CA

  • Monkfish Tails - RI

  • Rockfish Fillets - BC 

  • Farmed Kanpachi- HI

  • Farmed Verlasso Atl. Salmon - Chile

  • Fresh Salt Cod (skin on) - Canada


  • Royal Sweet Scallops- MA

  • Hokkaido Scallops- Japan

  • Martha Vineyard's Bay Scallops

  • Fresh 16/20 gulf shrimp- FL

  • Live Dungeness Crabs- CA

  • Live Maine Lobsters

  • Lobster Tails, 5-6 oz- Canada


  • Frozen Tenderized Octopus - Spain

Mahi, Mexico          

Skull Island Tiger Prawns, Australia    

MSC Certified or assessed by RHS for sustainability practices 
Fin Fish

  • Yellowtail Jack - Mexico

  • White Bass - Mexico

  • Mahi - Mexico

  • Corvina Bass- Ecuador

  • Farmed Hiramasa- Baja

  • Walu - HI

  • Halibut - Norway

  • MSC Certified Tombo- Fiji

  • MSC Certified Salt Cod - Norway

  • MSC Chilean Sea Bass - Antarctica

  • Loch Etive Steelhead- New Zealand

  • Anchovies in Oil - Turkey

  • Farmed Creative King Salmon- BC


  • Sepia Cuttlefish 9-12 oz. - Spain 


  • MSC Skull Island Tiger Prawns - AUS

  • Rock Shrimp - MX

SOLD OUT PRODUCTS - Check in with us for substitutes and updates on when we'll restock



  • Ling Cod

  • True Cod

  • Whole Rockfish

  • CA Halibut

  • Fresh Squid

  • Fresh Uni


Royal Hawaiian Seafood Market Report

Happy Holidays!  As a friendly reminder, we will be closed Christmas

day, Tuesday Dec. 25th .   

Normal operations to resume Wednesday Dec. 26 


  • Weather along the pacific have been just horrible for the past week.  Rock fish in the round (whole) are currently unavailable - we've brought in fillets from BC Canada, for those needing rockfish for their menu.  


Domestic Scallops

  • As a reminder, there's a slight price hike on the larger sized U-10 scallops.  This is mainly due to poor catches in the past few weeks.  Poor weather for the past few weeks doesn't help the situation, thus larger sized scallops has just been a tough find.  Once the price comes back down, we will advise everyone accordingly. 

Pacific Rock Crab

  • This little known, under-utilized local crab that is the perfect menu item for you if you're looking for an alternative to locally caught Dungeness crabs. Our live Pacific Rock Crabs are currently being caught in Santa Cruz by one of our local fisherman. The crab meat itself, is sweet and succulent. The whole crabs typically weigh about 1.5 lbs. We currently do offer them live, fresh cooked cocktail claws, fresh crab meat, and bodies for stock. Most impressively, all of the production is done in house at our facility. Live are currently offered, and for those interested in the meat and/or cocktail claws, please give us a call for a pre-order and/or pricing information.

Farmed Loch Etive Steelhead

  • This farmed Steelhead is responsibly raised in the pristine waters of New Zealand. The fish are averaging  8-10 lbs. each. This fish provides a pretty rich flavor due to the high fat content, which is pretty comparable to our farmed Ora King Salmon. Overall, this is a great sustainably raised product that will meet your expectations from price to flavor.  Please contact us for more information and or a sample is needed.

Painted Lady Oysters 

  • We are proud to offer everyone a cost effective, but flavorful oyster called Painted Lady Oysters, which is harvested in the cold waters of Washington. You can expect the flavor of these oysters to be crisp. clean, and refreshing as the waters they are grown in. They are competitively priced, and have now taken over as our Happy Hour Oyster selection. Please contact us should more information is needed.