Check in with us for substitutes and updates on when we'll restock!




Wild King Salmon

Farmed Creative BC King Salmon

Fresh Bay Shrimp

Live Spot Prawns

Best Choice


Fin Fish

  • Hand-line Ahi Tuna - PI
  • Ling Cod- WA
  • Widow Rock Cod- CA
  • West Coast Albacore - Oregon
  • Wild Stripe Bass- VA
  • Frozen J/Cut Black Cod- AK
  • Farmed Ora King Salmon - NZ
  • Farmed Akaroa King Salmon- NZ
  • Farmed Arctic Char - WA
  • Mount Lassen Trout- CA
  • Farmed Catfish - LA
  • Frozen Albacore Loins - BC


  • Penn Cove Mussels- WA
  • Savory Clams - BC
  • Pasta Gem Clam- Florida
  • Kumai Oysters- Baja
  • Kusshi Oysters- BC
  • Kumamoto Gold Oysters - CA
  • Shigoku Oysters- WA
  • Beau Soleil Oysters - New Brunswick
  • Rappahonnack River Oysters - VA
  • Walker Creek Oysters - Tomales Bay
  • Marin Miyagi Oysters - Tomales Bay
  • Painted Lady Oysters - WA
  • Live Farmed Red Abalones - Santa Cruz
  • Fresh Kauai Shrimp
  • Frozen Blue Prawns - NC
  • Frozen King Crab Legs - AK
  • Soft Shell Crabs - Maryland

Good Alternative


Fin Fish

  • Alaskan Halibut
  • Bluenose Bass - NZ
  • Monkfish Tails- MA
  • Black Cod- CA
  • Local Halibut- CA
  • Petrale Sole- CA
  • Canary Rock Cod- BC
  • Tai Snapper - NZ
  • Farmed Kanpachi- HI
  • Farmed Dorade- Turkey
  • Farmed Bronzino - Turkey
  • Farmed Verlasso Atl. Salmon - Chile


  • Royal Sweet Scallops - MA
  • Hokkaido Scallops - Japan
  • Live Maine Lobsters
  • Live Dungeness Crabs- WA
  • Uni 280gm  - CA
  • Live Pacific Rock Crabs - CA


  • Frozen Tenderized Octopus - Spain
  • Fresh Squid - CA

MSC Certified or assessed by RHS for sustainability practices


Fin Fish

  • Swordfish - Ecuador
  • Icelandic Cod- Norway
  • Mahi - Taiwan
  • Ono - Fiji
  • Walu - HI
  • Grouper - NZ
  • White Bass- MX
  • Yellowtail Jack - MX
  • Loch Etive Farmed Ocean Trout - SCT
  • MSC Certified Salt Cod - Norway
  • MSC Chilean Sea Bass - Antarctica
  • MSC Tombo Tuna- Fiji
  • Anchovies in Oil - Turkey
  • Farmed Hiramasa- Baja
  • Frozen Farmed Pacu Ribs - Brazil


  • MSC Skull Island Tiger Prawns - AUS
  • Fresh Rock Shrimp - MX

Royal Hawaiian Seafood Market Report



As a friendly reminder, Royal Hawaiian Seafood will be CLOSED Monday September 4, for the Labor Day Holiday.  Please consider this closure when placing your order(s) for the weekend.

Normal business hours to resume Tuesday morning. 



  • Each month, we will be bringing in few different types of oysters, from different regions.  Of course, we aren't taking away our current oyster inventory, rather just have more varieties for everyone to choose and try.  For this month, Watch Hill oysters from Rhode Island, Pemaquid from Maine, as well as Wiley Point and Damariscotta oysters from Maine are available.  Let us know if you are interested as we only brought in minimal amounts of each type.


  • Uni production is looking great for this weekend and we have some awesome looking trays available now.

Hearts of Palm

  • They're back by popular demand. Yeah it's not seafood, but it's from Hawaii and chefs love it.

Soft Shell Crabs

  • The season is still going strong and prices are at its lowest all season. Enjoy them while supply is good.

Loch Etive Ocean Trout

  • This is the latest addition to our inventory. We've been searching for an ocean Trout that meets our standards for quite some time. This farmed ocean Trout is responsibly raised in the pristine waters of Scotland. The fish are about 8-10 lbs. each. The fish provides a pretty rich flavor due to the high fat content it has. Overall, this is a product that will meet your expectations from price to flavor. Please contact us for more information.

Hawaiian Opah

  • This easy grill fish is currently available and will do any menu right for this weekend as a special. Meaty and moist! Should be an easy seller at a very affordable price. 

Wild Bass Availability

  • Just when you thought the season for Pacific White Sea Bass was finished, Mother Nature proves you wrong. There's a good amount available right now but prices are up. South American Corvina, New Zealand Bluenose, New Zealand Grouper, and Wild East Coast Stripe Bass are all also available as well. 

Wild Salmon Watch

  • Minimal amount of Wild Washington King Salmon are expected to arrive Friday. Prices are currently high at this time but at least there is some wild fish to be offered.

Pacific Rock Crab

  • Our local Rock Crabs are back. As the California season for Dungeness crabs are closed, we are highly promoting the other local crab. This little known, under-utilized local crab is the perfect menu item for you if you're looking for an alternative to Dungeness crabs caught locally. The live Rock Crabs are currently being caught in Santa Cruz by local fisherman of ours. The crabmeat itself is sweet and succulent. The crabs typically weigh about 1.5 lbs. We currently offer them live, fresh cooked cocktail claws, fresh crabmeat, and bodies for stock. Most impressively, all of the production is done in house at our facility. The live crabs are available daily while all the other forms are processed on a strict preorder basis. More information regarding this product can be provided by contacting us.


  • Local Halibut are currently available.  Our fishermen have worked hard and have provided an abundance of fish for us the past few weeks, with a very attractive price for you all.  The halibut can be used in so many different ways.  Although raw/sashimi is preferred, it can also be cooked to perfection. Local, sustainable and delicious.
  • Alaskan Halibut remains strong for the week...current sizes of 10/20s and 20/40s, are available.


Skull Island Tiger Prawn

  • We are proud to introduce the world's first eco-certified prawn in the world. These Tiger Prawns hail from the north coast of Australia and are MSC Certified. These are some of the largest prawns in the world. We have them in a U6 size head on shell on. They're packed in 6.6# boxes and are frozen IQF. The flavor profile can be closely compared to lobster. They provide a rich, juicy and clean flavor. Undoubtedly, the Skull Island Tiger Prawns will impress anyone who has the pleasure of tasting them. Please contact us for pricing information


Frozen U/6 Freshwater Blue Prawns

  • Currently available are Frozen Freshwater Blue Prawns from North Carolina. These prawns are responsibly produced in inland ponds. The majority of the what we have are the U/6 size. Smaller sizes are available but limited. The prawns are beautiful! The flavor is sweet and the texture is nice and firm. Please contact us for more information regarding this great product.


Painted Lady Oysters

  • We are proud to offer everyone a cost effective, but flavorful oyster called Painted Lady Oysters, which is harvested in the cold waters of Washington. You can expect the flavor of these oysters to be crisp. clean, and refreshing as the waters they are grown in. They are competitively priced, and have now taken over as our Happy Hour Oyster selection. Please contact us should more information is needed.