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Wild King Salmon Watch

  • Poor fishing is being reported locally. Unfortunately we don't expect any California Wild King Salmon to be available until further notice. In the meantime Wild Sockeye Salmon from British Columbia are currently available, as well as Wild Washington King Salmon.  Current sizes for the Sockeyes are 4/6 pounds each H&G, and the Wild Washington Kings are 7/11 pounds each, on the round.


Live Maine Lobster Prices

  • As the Canadian season opens, lobster prices soften all around. Now would be a great time feature some delicious lobsters on your menu.


Hand-Line Local Halibut

  • The fishermen are really starting to crank up their production. Prices are starting to come down as well. The halibut can be used in so many different way. Although raw preferred, it can also be cooked to perfection. Local, sustainable and delicious.

White Bass

  • (Hand Line caught ) White Bass, caught off the California Coast, are currently available.  As a heads up, prices are slightly higher compared to the White Bass caught in Mexico.

Fresh Soft Shell Crabs

  • Production is slightly better compared to the past few weeks.  Hotel, Prime, and Jumbo sizes are currently available, and up for grabs! Prices are a bit higher than anticipated, but should come down once production gets better in the east coast.  

 Salt Spring Mussels

  • Unfortunately it's spawning season for these awesome mussels. Rather than continuing to bring them in and working with an inferior product, the farm plans to put a halt on production until the spawning season is over towards the end of June. In the meantime, we will have other suitable alternatives such as Mediterranean Mussels from Washington. Chatham or Acadia Blue Mussels from Maine will also be offered as well.

Skull Island Tiger Prawn

  • We are proud to introduce the world's first eco-certified prawn in the world. These Tiger Prawns hail from the north coast of Australia and are MSC Certified. These are some of the largest prawns in the world. We have them in a U6 size head on shell on. They're packed in 6.6# boxes and are frozen IQF. The flavor profile can be closely compared to lobster. They provide a rich, juicy and clean flavor. Undoubtedly, the Skull Island Tiger Prawns will impress anyone who has the pleasure of tasting them. Please contact us for pricing information

Premium Dungeness Crabmeat

  • If you only require the freshest and the best Dungeness crabmeat, we have it for you. Cooked and picked in our facility from our live inventory of Dungeness Crabs, you have the pleasure of knowing that your crabmeat came from live crabs just hours ago. Although we are still proud of the crabmeat that we purchase from our partners in Washington, we want to offer a fresher great tasting crabmeat for those who require only the best. Please feel free to contact us for more info.

Frozen U/6 Freshwater Blue Prawns

  • Currently available are Frozen Freshwater Blue Prawns from North Carolina. These prawns are responsibly produced in inland ponds. The majority of the what we have are the U/6 size. Smaller sizes are available but limited. The prawns are beautiful! The flavor is sweet and the texture is nice and firm. Please contact us for more information regarding this great product.

Rappahannock Oysters

  • We are now offering all 4 varieties of Rappahonnock (Virginia) oysters on a consistent basis- StingraysRappahannock RiversOlde Salts, and the ever so popular BarcatOysters.  Each variety has its own size and flavor profile-Rappahannocks carry a sweet a buttery flavor, Stingrays has a mildly salty flavor, Olde Salts has, of course, a "heavy" salty flavor, and the Barcats can be mild, buttery, and briny.  All of the Rappahannock oysters mentioned has a great, clean, and crisp finish.  Feel free to contact us for pricing, farm information, and of course, samples.  For additional information, please refer to their website https://www.rroysters.com/

Painted Lady Oysters

  • We are proud to offer everyone a cost effective, but flavorful oyster called Painted Lady Oysters, which is harvested in the cold waters of Washington. You can expect the flavor of these oysters to be crisp. clean, and refreshing as the waters they are grown in. They are competitively priced, and have now taken over as our Happy Hour Oyster selection. Please contact us should more information is needed.


  • We are now offering larger sized, Farmed Live Abalones from Monterey CA.  These red abalones can weigh up to about 3pcs per lb. and is available as a pre-order only-36 hours in advance.  Please give us a call should you need more information.