As a 100% transparent and sustainable seafood purveyor, Royal Hawaiian is the only seafood processor in the country that has partnered with Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program to ensure that no seafood that would harm our oceans or precious fisheries would be brought through our facility.  The following product list is organized according to the location in which the fish was landed - with nothing ever being offered from the SeafoodWatch "Avoid" list.  Keep in mind, that even our unranked seafood is sustainably caught and harvested, but cannot be ranked by MBA Seafood Watch because it is caught or harvested outside of the U.S or because the fishery has not yet been ranked.

*We are currently building our product database, so please confirm availability with your sales rep or check out our "Weekly Updates" for the most recent changes in our offerings

Special Order Product

Requires 72 hours notice

Local Anchovies | Wild | SF

Live Sea Urchin | Wild | Half Moon Bay

John Dory | Wild | New Zealand