Ocean Fish, Raised Naturally

Hawaiian Kanpachi - Serial rivoliana

Monterey Bay Aquarium SeaFood Watch Best Choice

Catch Method:

Farmed | Open Net Pens

Other names:

Hawaiian Yellowtail, Almaco Jack, Songoro Amberjack, Medregalr


Year Round


Kona, Hawaii

About Our Kanpachi

Farmed Hawaiian Kanpachi is a beautiful premier and highly sustainable Hawaiian Yellowtail that we are proud to source directly from the Big Island of Hawaii.  The species is identified through their dark blue-green upper body with a lavender-tinted belly and elongated fins.  These beautiful fish are raised in pristine Hawaiian waters off the Kona Coast.  Consistent water temperature, strong ocean currents and a high capacity for renewal make these waters ideal for raising Kanpachi sustainably. We love working with these Kanpachi because we know they were raised right and it shows in the quality of the product every time. 

What Makes Hawaiian Kanpachi so Special?

Hawaiian Kanpachi is a versatile fish that lends well to many different applications.  The high fat content (~30%) make this fish perfect for grilling, poaching sautéing or searing - our favorite is when its used for sushi or sashimi.  

Is it Kanpachi or Kampachi?

The fish is commonly referred to as "KAM-pachi" in Hawaii; however, the correct pronunciation is "KAN-pachi" to mirror the original Japanese dictation.


Hawaiian Kanpachi are produced year round under the care of marine biologists that work hard to reduce feed levels and innovate sustainable feeding practices.  They have partnered with our friends at SeafoodWatch and have earned a "Good Alternative" ranking.

No pressure on Wild Yellowtail Populations

Hawaiian Kanpachi start off as fertilized eggs from a local brood stock - meaning no wild yellowtail are captured to raise more Kanpachi.  Juveniles are taken from the Kona Facility to open ocean net pens along the pristine Kona Coast.

Good Alternative

Monterey Bay Aquarium ranks Hawaiian Kanpachi farmed in Hawaii in marine net pens as a "Good Alternative." The reasoning for this is because there is forage fish that are used in the feed; however, we are confident that BlueOcean Mariculture will continue to improve their feed ratios with the goal being to use as little wild fish as possible.

There's good evidence that environmental impacts are minimal, including no disease or parasite outbreaks and a low risk of impacts from escapes.


Raised in the pristine waters around Kona, Hawaii


Clean, sweet, rich, buttery flavor that lends well to many applications.


Fatty yet firm, holds up to heat and raw applications perfectly.


Perfect grilled skin on, broiled, pan fried, steamed, poached and braised. Salmon is a favorite for obvious reasons and these are really spectacular examples of the species. 

Health Benefits

Hawaiian Kanpachi is an excellent source of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce the risk of high cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pressure

Hawaiian Kanpachi are also healthy for what they don’t contain. Controlled, high quality diets mean no accumulated toxins such as PCBs or mercury. Blue Ocean never uses GMO brood fish, growth hormones or preventative antibiotics. 

Size & Form


Whole: 5+ lbs

Safety & Handling

Royal Hawaiian Seafood carefully abides by HACCP guideline, which involves regular temperature and sensory evaluations of the facility and products. Cooking and freezing raw food mitigates the risk of pathogens and parasites.