Akaroa King Salmon

Chinook Salmon - Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha

Monterey Bay Aquarium SeaFood Watch Best Choice

Catch Method:

Farmed | Open Net Pens

Other names:

Spring salmon, quinnat salmon, and Tyee salmon


Year Round


Akaroa, New Zealand

(Southeastern New Zealand)

About the Salmon

From the cold, clear waters of Southern New Zealand, comes Akaroa King Salmon. This small family owned operation was started by Tom Bates, a local farmer and pioneer of salmon farming in New Zealand. Tom spent a long time searching for the ideal location with pristine waters and strong currents, to begin producing the high quality salmon he had dreamed of. He finally found Lucas Bay in the town of Akaroa as the perfect home to produce the beautiful salmon he sought to raise. Now Tom’s son Duncan runs the farm and he is as dedicated as his father was to producing the finest quality salmon.

What Makes Akaroa King Salmon so Special?

Room to Grow, Slowly

Akaroa King Salmon are grown in the beautiful crystal clear waters with strong currents that keep fresh water constantly flowing through their open net pens. Density volumes are kept very low (below 10kg per cubic meter) or almost 99% water to 1% fish - so the fish never feel crowded. These salmon are allowed to grow at their natural pace - meaning these fish are smaller than many farmed salmon but their growth is 100% natural and organic which translates to the flavor and texture of the fish. 

As Fresh as it Gets!

Because of its small scale and geographical location, Akaroa is the only King Salmon Producer in New Zealand that can harvest, process and distribute on the same day - often within hours of harvest!


Akaroa goes above and beyond what is required for their sustainability standards. Fish are never given antibiotics, growth promoters, or hormones, meaning they grow slowly and naturally like they are supposed to. Their diet is specially designed to emulate that of wild salmon. They are fed a low energy diet of fishmeal and minimal fish oil which provides them a natural and slow growth to maturity. This also results in a slightly smaller fish with the same oil content as wild salmon - exactly how nature intended.


The Farm voluntarily works with local Fish and Game Department to grow wild smolts that are released into the river. 

Best Choice

Monterey Bay Aquarium ranks Akaroa King Salmon farmed in New Zealand in marine net pens as a "Best Choice." There's good evidence that environmental impacts are minimal, including no disease or parasite outbreaks and a low risk of impacts from escapes.

We are confident in sourcing from Akaroa that we are going above and beyond these standards as Akaroa abides to higher standards in feed, fish stock density, than other New Zealand Mariculture’s and uses no antifoulants, antibiotics, growth promoters, or hormones. 


Sourced from the beautiful water of Akaroa, New Zealand


Slightly more mild than wild King Salmon, with the same texture and oil content. Rich, sumptuous flavor, that you can only get with a sea-reared fish.


Velvety yet firm, very much like wild salmon.


Perfect grilled skin on, broiled, pan fried, steamed, poached and braised. Salmon is a favorite for obvious reasons and these are really spectacular examples of the species. 

Size & Form


G&G: 6 - 9 lbs

Safety & Handling

Royal Hawaiian Seafood carefully abides by HACCP guideline, which involves regular temperature and sensory evaluations of the facility and products. Cooking and freezing raw food mitigates the risk of pathogens and parasites.